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About Us

Jack and Paula Curtis have a combined experience of 24 years, training horses and instructing their owners, in a variety of disciplines. Together they have competed nationally in Jumping, Dressage, and Western events. They have also successfully started many horses of a variety of breeds under saddle, and have developed a reputation for the rehabilitation of so called "problem horses".
Having studied with some of the finest trainers and clinicians the horse industry has to offer, Jack and Paula bring a wealth of knowledge to their teaching program. Their ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas has an enormous impact on the success of their students and their horses.


Our Philosophy


Work with the horses mind and the body will follow.

 Keep the horse relaxed, curious and interested.

Horse needs to look to the human for comfort, and be aware of our intentions.

As an Instructor is is my duty to continue my education so that I can not only Improve myself but my students as well.

I owe it to the horse to always find a better way to present an idea. 

The horse is the best teacher we can have.

The horse must feel playful to obtain best movement and attitude.

We will not present the horse with more than it can handle, because then he can not learn.

What I don't do is equally important as the actions I do.

"I don't train my horses to show, I show what my horses know" 

 "The horse is born doing every movement we want them to do, flying change, spin, collect, we just need to learn how to best access it". 



Goals of Our Coaching


We teach students to interpret the signals and nuances the horse offers, so that riding is a true partnership. 

  Students learn to use Feel when working with the horse, so communication is meaningful. 

Our objective is to fill the need for instruction and training through quality horsemanship.

We teach a holistic approach to horse training and horse keeping.

Our Students are taught Timing and placement of the feet.

Our students become Independent Thinkers.


Our Students have competed at the local, state and national level. They have qualified for regionals in dressage, gone on to compete on intercollegiate equestrian teams, and have become successful horse trainers themselves. We are proud of our students abilities to take their knowledge and do something with it. Our students become independent thinkers and learn to work with the horse in a productive, progressive manner.


"Our goal is Harmony,

Harmony between the horse and rider is the greatest





Currently we are offering  demonstrations, clinics, lessons, and other educational opportunities, as well as accepting a limited number of students and training horses. We are also willing to travel to your stable for lessons, demonstrations or clinics.

Training: Starting horses under saddle to refining performance horses.

Clinics: One, two or three day clinics.

 Lessons: on our horses or yours. (English, Western, Speed Events, Dressage, Jumping)

 Demonstrations: Trailer Loading, Round Pen, Colt Starting, "Problem Horses,".  Organizational or corporate, demos. etc...

Horsemanship Weeks

Consultations: We offer advise in stable layout, Saddle fit, Horse care.


We are excited to be relocating to the Manitowoc, WI area, knowing how many horse enthusiasts and friends we will find. Please feel free to set up an appointment with us; we will be happy to give you a demonstration.




Our goal is to fill the need for quality instruction in horsemanship.  We want to create students that are independent thinkers with the ability to handle any situation that may arise.   We believe that it is essential to educate our clients to the concepts used throughout their horses training. In this way they will be able to successfully continue their horses education on their own.


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