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"Helping People Understand Horses"

Jack and Paula have been involved with horses their whole life. At the young ages of 14 and 16 they began their careers in the horse industry.  They started out giving lessons and training horses for three northern Milwaukee, WI area barns. They were able to build up a large clientele and one year later they created the "Starting the Language Horsemanship Program".  This program was based on Natural Horsemanship techniques and was well received by students.  That year they also started a day camp at Lakefield Farm.  They had no problem filling up two weeks worth of camp with 10 students per week.  By the following year they were filling up four weeks.  Eventually they were hiring others to give the camp so it would free up their time to do more training, showing and lessons.

As the business progressed they began teaching clinics for local barns, and  4-H groups. This clinic exposure drew in others and eventually they were doing clinics and demonstrations at Nutrina and Purina feed seminars, and for many barns, across the state.

By the age of 20 Paula was an ARIA (American Riding Instructor Association) rated Instructor. Out of 3 levels she became a level II rated Jumping and Dressage Instructor.

During this time they also worked for breeders of a large variety of breeds. This gave them a deep appreciation for each horse and its unique individuality.  Working for the breeders gave them the opportunity to participate in a variety of breed inspections and shows.

Jack was also featured on Animal Planet's web site during a colt starting demonstration.

In the winter and spring of 2005 they went work at the Diamond S Ranch, owned by Lee and Mark Smith.  They brought down 6 of their own horses and 6 training horses.  In addition to the training horses they brought down, they also started colts for the ranches colt starting company. They worked on the ranch during the week, and on the weekends competed in A rated shows in Dressage and Jumpers.  While working in Arizona they also traveled to Fort Worth, Texas where Paula rode in the Ray Hunt Appreciation Clinic.

In 2006 they purchased a 40 acre farm to run their training, lesson, and clinic business.  The farm is in Two Rivers, WI; just north of Manitowoc, WI and south of Green Bay, WI.

In 2007 they built a large indoor horse riding arena.

Currently they are accepting a limited number of training horses, and students.  They are offering clinics as usual.



Our Corporation


Jack and Paula Curtis LLC is a Limited Liability Company that specializes in quality training and education of horses and their owners. 

Jack and Paula Curtis LLC is an equestrian service orientated business consisting of; giving lessons, training horses, showing horses, doing demonstrations and giving clinics.  Both Jack and Paula have been conducting lessons, giving clinics and training since 1994.

Jack and Paula Curtis LLC is owned by husband and wife team Jack Curtis and Paula Curtis.  They have both been involved with horses since childhood and employed in the industry since 1994. During that time the business has evolved from strictly lessons to; training horses, creating a horse camp, buying and selling horses, conducting clinics, giving demonstrations, showing horses, and judging horse shows. 

Jack and Paula Curtis LLC has been an incorporated company since 2002.  



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