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Clinic and Course Schedule


May 4 & 5 - Horse-Rama - Jack will be giving a clinic. For more information, please visit http://www.horse-a-rama.org/index_files/JackCurtisClinic.htm.
May 26 & 27 - Trail Challenge Clinic 10 a.m.-3 p.m., at JPC stable, Grafton, WI $100

Jack and Paula Curtis combine the best of natural horsemanship, classical dressage, and centered riding principles to advance horses and their partners to new heights. Their ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas has an enormous impact on the success of their students and their horses. Students are taught to interpret the signals and nuances the horse offers, so that riding is a true partnership and communication is meaningful. They learn to understand the whole horse; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This helps them become independent thinkers; learning to work with the horse in a productive, progressive manner.

For us it is not about any certain discipline, but about quality horsemanship.

Let us take you to the next level in whatever discipline you ride. Contact us to arrange a clinic at your farm, pick from the various formats and topics to suit your groups needs.

Clinic Formats

Short: 2-3 hour small group(5-15participants) Two groups per day.
Long: Day long, large group. Same participants in morning session, and afternoon session.
Multi Day: Long or short format.
Demonstration:  1-2 hours at end of day

Clinic Topics

Foundation Horsemanship: This is a good class to begin a day with. It covers the many topics that lead to a successful partnership with your horse. It is a great class to help a young horse become confident in the various movements that will be required of its entire life under saddle. You will learn the necessary ingredients required to create a solid foundation from which you will build your horses' entire career. Whether your goal is to trail ride or to show, this class will give you the tools to succeed. Depending on the group some groundwork may be included. This is a great clinic for the riders foundation as well. All of the concepts taught in this clinic will be used throughout the horses training.

  • Learning to ride with feel
  • Reading the horses expression
  • Transitions within and between gaits
  • Leads
  • Importance of focus in both horse and human
  • How riders position influences the horse

Advanced Horsemanship: This is a good class to have in the afternoon. It takes the concepts learned in the Foundation Class to the next level. Horse/rider combinations must be able to walk, trot and canter. This class can be catered to the group. We can work on rail work; getting the horse to give to the bit, turn on the forehand, turn on the hindquarters. Leads and Lead Changes. Other possibilities include trail obstacle work. (tarps, poles, mailboxes, bridges, etc) Beginning cow work, etc...

  • Turns on the Forehand, and Hindquarters, Lateral Movements
  • Teach the horse to soften and give to the bit
  • Learn to recognize and reward the slightest try from your horse
  • Learn to use the proper Feel for each horse
  • Learn to break tasks down into small manageable pieces
  • The importance of proper presentation
  • Timing of the aids
  • Simple and flying lead changes

Jumping: Put to practice the fundamentals of dressage and apply them over fences. You will learn the art of riding courses from the initial stages of designing, to pacing, and finally riding them. Classroom sessions are used to help the student understand the importance of proper position over fences. Exercises are done to help each person find the proper balance needed to stay out of their horses way while he jumps. We may free jump each horse and analyze his form over fences, discussing exercises that may help him find better form. Then we ride over fences, depending on the group we may do cross country, jumper courses, hunter courses, gridwork etc...

At some clinics you may design, build, and ride a jumper or hunter course. At these clinics you will learn the art of understanding courses from the initial stages of designing all the way to riding. This clinic can be tailored for everyone, even those of you that are not yet jumping.

  • Understand how your flatwork directly influences your work over fences
  • Design and Build a Grid
  • Design and Build a Jumper Course
  • Understand the Dynamics of Gridwork and Riding Courses
  • Pace out Distances between Jumps
  • Ride a Hunter Course
  • Ride a Jumper Course
  • Walk and ride a cross country course

Colt Start: This clinic can be for starting a horse under saddle or the restarting of a troubled horse. In this clinic you will learn the necessary skills used to build a solid foundation essential for your horses success. The first rides set the foundation from which the rest of the horses riding career will be built. If these rides are not done properly then problems will continue to surface years later. It is essential that the horse remains relaxed, interested and confident in what the human is offering.

Ground Work: This can be incorporated into the beginning of any clinic. Or can be done separately. You will teach your horse to respect your space and respond to you lightest suggestion. Teach your horse to follow your feel, whether it be to circle around you, back up, turn on the hindquarters, etc...

  • Ability to read the horses body language
  • Ability to recognize and reward the slightest try from your horse
  • Ability to use the proper feel for each horse
  • Ability to break tasks down into small manageable pieces
  • Ability to help the horse relax and let down
  • Ability to recognize teachable moments and utilize them
  • The importance of proper presentation
  • Build a trusting partnership

Western Pleasure: Use Dressage principles to get your horse back over its hocks. Perfect turns on the haunches and on the forehand. Learn how to nail the pattern classes. Teach your horse to drop it's head with your slightest suggestion.

  • Importance of riding horse from back to front.
  • Importance of timing in placement of the feet.
  • Improve pattern accuracy
  • Timing of the aids to insure the correct lead
  • Importance of focus in both horse and human
  • How riders position influences the horse

Other Options

Barrel Racing: Speed events: Learn how to break down the individual movements/skills needed in the various gymkana patterns. Take each skill and master it, then put it all back together for an award winning run! Learn the importance of rating your horse.

Disciplined Rail, Trail/obstacle clinic; Huntseat etc.

"Troubled horses", Trailer Loading: This is typically done in a demonstration.

Contact us to arrange a clinic and for 4-h pricing.

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