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Liberty Free Jump 

Free jumping teaches the horse how to confidently negotiate a jump or a series of jumps (gymnastics) on their own, without the interference of a rider.  Because the horse does not have to worry about a rider on his back affecting his balance,  he is able to focus solely on the jumps.  This is an ideal way to introduce work over fences, or in the re-schooling of jumping horses that may have become nervous in their work. 

When presented correctly, horses enjoy free jumping, and become quite playful doing it.  Fences can be adjusted in height, and gymnastics adjusted in complexity to benefit any horse, from the young horse, dressage horse to the western performance horse.  Grids of different complexity help horses develop proper technique, and the mental agility needed for show jumping competition.

Free jumping allows us to evaluate the horses form over fences and form a training program for that horse as an individual. We will devise grids that will ask different questions to the horse.  (can you shorten, can you lengthen, etc...) 

Horses learn to stay in tune with the trainers body language and commands and become very aware of what is being asked of them.

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