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Horsemanship Weeks

2013 Beginners Sessions:
June 17-21
June 24-28

JPC Horsemanship Week 2012

Horsemanship Registration Form

Advanced Weeks

Bring your own horse or use one of ours.  Days include classroom session in morning followed by a group ride in the afternoon. 

  • Improving understanding through knowledge, trust and respect

  • Learning to ride with cadence and tempo.

  • Increased body awareness in horse and rider

  • Timing of the aids

  •  Creating a firm foundation with a horse     

  •  Importance of focus in both horse and human

  • How riders position influences the horse

Beginner Weeks
Students will receive hands-on instruction  in the many aspects of horsemanship.

  • Learn how to read the horses body language

  • Learn how to communicate with the horses

  • Basic horse care techniques (grooming, stall cleaning, proper diet and exercise, etc.)

  • Safety when working around horses

  • Training methods (both riding and ground work)

  • Horse anatomy

  • Last day we have a fun horse show with games.

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