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Training Program

We are now able to take in training horses in our new facility in Grafton, WI.   From starting a horse under saddle to preparing them for competition,we have packages to suit your needs.

For the Private Owner

We offer monthly training rates that include weekly lessons for the owner.  We feel that it is essential to the horses future to teach the owner as well as the horse.  If you are from out of state we can still train your horse and then once you bring him home we can do a clinic at your farm and instruct you in the finer points of your horses handling.  We may also be able to video tape a training session for you to watch, to help you gain a better understanding of what we do.

For the Breeder

We offer monthly training rates that will prepare and condition your horse for competition, or breed inspections.  We are available for an additional fee to; sell your horse, compete on your horse, or present your horse for inspection.  Contact us for details.

For the Competitor

We offer monthly training programs that will fine tune your performance horse for its up coming competitions.  We require the competitor to take instruction from us during the training process. This ensures that they gain the understanding required for success.


Throughout all of our training

we always keep these key

concepts in mind:

  • Work with the horses mind and the body will develop.

  • Let your horse know what you want, then allow him do it.

  • Keep the horse calm, confident and curious.

  • Horse must feel mentally fresh, work must be interesting a have a purpose to it.

  • Make the right thing obvious

  • Movements must be achieved through feel and understanding, not through force or mechanical means.

  • The horse should feel as though what we ask of him is easy. (even as the movements become difficult)

  • Set the horse up for success.

  • Never overexpose the horse, push him to the limit but not over.

To give you a better feel for our training program we broke down SOME of our different activities. It is not a complete discription of everything that we would do, just a small portion of our activities to give you a better feel for what we are about.  If you click on the hyperlinks it will take you to the individual page.

Ground SchoolThis page describes some of the main principles we keep in mind when working with horses on the ground.  It goes over a few exercises to use throughout your ground schooling.  Read this page to give yourself a background to use when applying the other ground exercises.

             Ground Exercises: Pictures and descriptions of various ground exercises.

            Lungeing:  Some thoughts on lungeing.

            Free Jumping: Allows the horse to negotiate jumps without rider interference.          

             Ponying: Doing groundschool exercises with one horse while riding another.

Under Saddle

            The First Rides Importance of laying a good foundation.

            Interdisciplinary Training :How the disciplines can compliment each other.

            Cavalletti and Gridwork Purpose of cavalletti, and use of natural forms of cavalletti.

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