Horses Are Allowed To Be Horses Here At

Woodland Oaks

A bit about the Barn

Spacious Stalls

Our stalls always have ample shavings, and plenty of light, to keep your horse happy and comfortable when inside.

Large Indoor

We boast a large, well lit indoor riding arena, for days that are a bit too cold or wet to enjoy the great outdoors.

Outside Riding

With; two large outdoor sand arenas, a grass jump field, miles of groomed trails, and creek to cross, outdoor riding is plentiful here at Woodland Oaks.

Where Horses can be Horses

Woodland Oaks offers indoor and outdoor full-service boarding with the amenities of a large facility and the individualized care of a small family stable. 

Our spacious clean stalls, are rubber matted, and amply bedded. We clean daily and hold our standards to the highest degree. Our horses live in a quiet, relaxed and closely watched environment. 

We offer a custom turnout program for each horse. Horses are kept in herds that compliment their personality. We offer individualized feeding programs customized to each individual. When horses are in due to inclement weather we feed hay 4 times daily.

Both the owners and barn manager live on premise, and are involved with the day to day operations of the facility. Our goal is to create a safe, clean environment for both horse and rider.

Woodland Oaks is located in Grafton, WI, 15 minutes north of Milwaukee, and 30 min. south of Sheboygan. Just 1 1/2 miles off of I-43. It is 62 acres of rolling fields, woods and pasture, there are miles of trails. Through the middle of our land is Ulao Creek which meanders through the woods.


     It is our philosophy that horses are kept in a manner that honors them.

It is essential to turn horses out and allow them to be what nature intended them to be. Active, playful, social, mobile beings. This is critical to your horses physical, emotional, and spirtual well being.

Horses are quite hardy and when provided with the necessities they will stay their healthiest when allowed to be outside 24/7.  These main necessities include; clean fresh water, quality forage 24/7, access to minerals and shelter from the elements.

~Our large paddocks give the horses a chance to move as nature intended them to.  They play and run and stretch and roll.  

~Shelters, all of our paddocks have shelters, a place for the horse to get out of the elements as they choose.  

~Forage, we are firm believers in making sure the horses digestive system is working correctly.  All paddocks have access to high quality free choice hay.

~Horses and owners are individuals, some horses come in at night, or during the day in the summer.  We are happy to accomodate!


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Address:1048 Lakefield Rd Grafton, WI

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